Tourist complex "Forest tale" (Lesnaja skazka)

 What is "happiness" for you? For someone it's spending time with family in a quiet atmosphere, for others it's sporting or activities. We are glad to offer you a great stay in our tourist complex where you can find your own happiness! Forget about worries and concerns, enjoy the air of the pine forest, which is popular for its healing properties, have a rest on the river Katun's bank.

You are always welcome! 

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Tourist complex "Slavnaya" Tourist complex "Slavnaya" is on the banks of the Katun - a fast running and swirling year round river. Next to the manor houses rosemary blossoms, and the greatness of the adjacent high mountains makes you wonder about the power of the surrounding nature. Who has seen this beauty, is likely to come to us again. Come and visit us, your stay will be a memorable one. Find more
Cottage complex "Pallas Athena" The cottage complex "Pallas Athena" is located in the village of Artybash in a picturesque location on the shore of Lake Teletskoye, in a quiet, secluded place, hidden from "outsiders". All-year-round, new, comfortable cottages complex of euro-standard accommodation and democratic prices enables the most demanding tourist to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the Altai Mountains and Teletskoye lake in the surrounding nature. Find more
Tourist complex "Katanda" "Katanda" tourist complex is located in the world's famous Uymon Valley, one of the most beautiful regions of Altai mountains - Ust-Koksa. Just 30 miles from "Katanda" there is Mount Belukha, the Katun Reserve which is nearby, and 200 meters away from the complex the great Katun river flows. Remoteness from civilization and connection to the pristine nature welcomes tourists from all over the world to come here for positive energy and spiritual enrichment. Find more

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