GOTO Altay travel agency participated in ITB-Travel 2013, Berlin It is the second time that GOTO Altay travel agency paticipates int he world's leading travel exhibition ITB-2013 held in Berlin. It is pleased to notice that the world is opening new opportunities and directions for travelling. It is the South America, Southern-East Asia and Russian Siberia. Find details
GOTO Altay published the Altay map for English-speaking tourists GOTO Altay travel agency issued a map of Altay in the English language. It is the first map of Altay of such kind that has ever been issued for the English-speaking audience. Find details
MTS extending 3G coverage in popular holiday destinations in Altai Demand for mobile Internet is growing among the Altai Republic's population and in the summer demand increases many times over by tourists, many of whom travel with their laptops. Find details
Lake Teletskoye in Altai borrows the experience of “the Great Baikal trail” In the rural Artybashsky village, a seminar entitled "Development of ecological paths: Theory and Practice" took place. The seminar was held within the framework of the "Lake Teletskoye: protection of nature and of human rights" project, implemented by the Non-Profit Partnership "Teletskoye Lake Council" since November of 2011. Find details
Mummy "Altay Princess" to be given to Gorny Altay in the summer of 2012 The mummy of "Altay Princess," a young woman from the Pazyryk culture, found by archaeologists on the Siberian Ukok Plateau in 1993, will be transported in a glass sarcophagus to the Anokhin National Museum (Gorno-Altaysk) this summer, along with log cabins and a deck. Find details
New archeological finding - the Mongol Warrior of the 12-th-14th century During rescue operations in the Altay region, archeologists discovered the Mongol Warrior's burial of the 12th-14th century. Find details
GOTO Altay travel agency participated in the world's largest tourism exhibition ITB-2012 held in Messe Berlin The exhibition was held from 7 to March 11, 2012. Annual Exhibition ITB Berlin is the largest international event in the tourism industry, during which various workshops, seminars, meetings with experts, round table discussions to the press, the exposure of travel agencies, hotel chains, airlines and delegations took place. Find details
Since May, 28 a regular flight Moscow-Gorno-Altaysk will be opened Since May, 28 regular flights between Moscow and Gorno-Аltaysk will open. The leaders of S7 and the government of Altay signed a framework agreement of intent. It is planned that the flights will be carried out three times a week in summer time, and in winter time – two times a week. Find details
Altaian national festival El-Oiyn will take place from 28, June to 01, July 2012 in Ongudai region of Altay This year’s National Day “El-Oiyn 2012” will be held from June 28 to July 1, 2012 in the Kabailu-Mezhelik hole near the village Elo. Find details
The Altay Republic will present its tourism product on five international exhibitions In 2012 the Altay Republic is planning to organize its stands on five international exhibitions: March 7–12 – in Germany, in the International Tourism Market “ITB” in Berlin; March 17-20 – in Russia, in the International Tourism Exhibition “Intourmarket 2012” in Moscow; Find details

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