"Altay is not only the pearl of Siberia, but of Asia also. The great future has been intended to this magnificent midpoint".Philosopher and painter Nikolas Roerich

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GOTO travel company organizes active tours to Altai Mountains and Siberia: rafting on Katun, trekking to Belukha or Aktru, horseback riding tours and cultural exploration. Altay is a part of the southern Siberia and a vast, wild and amazing place that is worth visiting once in your life. Gotoaltay.com is devoted to tell, share and inform tourists of the whole world about this divine, wonderful and sacred place that is hidden deep in Russian Siberia, the place that is full of adventure, mystery, dignity and energy; the place that during the last years attracts thorough attention of people who seek for adventure travel in Russia or would like to spend holidays in Siberia.

Once taking a decision to visit Russia, travel to Siberia and Altai mountains in particular, you will never feel sorry for that decision. It does not matter what kind of tour you will choose: white water rafting on the river Katun, horseback riding vacations to Belukha mountain, trekking tours or simply recreation. You will experience something totally unforgettable during these adventure tours, something that will make you fell in love with the Altay Mountains and make you come back here again and again.

Tours to Altay All types of activity can be met in Altay: rafting and kayaking, horsebak trekking, hiking and trekking, climbing, car and bus cultural tours, photo-safaris, eco-tourism. Find more
What to do in Altay The main type of activity in Altay is active tourism that is combined with cultural and recreation components. This combination can give you the rightest and complete impression of the Golden Altay. Find more
How to get to Altay You can get directly from Germany or Czech Republic to Altay (S7 airlines or Aeroflot)or just take a transit flight via Moscow. The approx. time duration will take ~4,5 - 6 hours. Find more
Places of interest Only in Altay one can see such variety of the landscapes that replace each other with the speed of the kaleidoscope. Find more
Why Altay Mountains Altay 'Golden Mountains" are located in the southern part of Russian Siberia. For the last decade Altay is of great interest among tourists all over the world. Find more
Altay culture Best cultural experiences one should have in Altay: take Russian bathes with herbal tea, drink medovukha made of honey, listen to the Kaichi throat singing and visiting shaman. Find more
Altay regions Altay mountains consist of 10 regions, 4 of which are of great interest: Ust-Koksa (Belukha mount), Turochak (Teletskoye lake), Chemal (tourism Mecca) and mongolian-like Kosh-Agach. Find more
Visa to Russia An invitation from a Russian agency is the only obligatory thing for getting a Russian visa. Do not forget about stamps on your immigration cards while being in Russia! Find more

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