GOTO Altay published the Altay map for English-speaking tourists

The map of Altay is a nice tool for every foreign tourist who plans to visit the Altay mountains. The map was first represented to the European audience at the world travel exhibition ITB-Travel 2013 in Berlin last week. The majority of the visitors highly praised the map and found it useful, indeed, especially for individual travelling around Altay.




 What is mentioned on the map?

The map combines two subjects of the Russian Federation - Altai krai and Republic of Altai. THe majority of the routes start from the Altai krai capital and move further to the south of Siberia where true Altay mountains are located. The map contains the main roads and highways that cover Altay territory and shows a traveler how to go around this vast territory. It also contains 10-best places of interest

recommended for visiting, locationsof petroglyphs (rock painting), burial hills, stone stellas and other places that contain evidences of the altaian history and culture.

Not every territory is allowed for travelling

One of the most important information of the map is check-points location as not every territory is allowed for travelling.Each foreign tourist as well as a Russian one needs to prepare a pre-border permission in order to enter special territories of Altay. By Russian law such an application for such a permission should be made not later that 2 months before visiting Russia. If you do not have such a permission when passing through these check-points the officer will stop you and will not allow to go further.

Hospitals, bank offices and accommodation

The map also contains the hospitals with the names and location, bank offices and accommodation if you travel on your own. The map differs from the maps of similar kind by entertaining and informative elements that are included into the map. It is the reccommendations and advice of what to do if a tick bites you, the further instructions of how to take this tick out are given; the map also represents the hospital addresses where a tourist can be given immunoglobulin vaccination.

Other informative recommendations

In order to make staying in Altay mostly intensed and full of emotions the map's organizers gave the recommendations of "5 BEST experiences to visit in Altay": taking healing panty bathes, buying honey, having Russian steam bathes, listening to Kaichi songs and visiting Shamans. For every foreign tourists the TOP-10 Russian prhases are given.


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