Active tours to the Altay Mountains

Holidays in Siberia and Altai mountains might turn out to be more excited that you could ever imagine: Altai water rafting, horseback riding vacations, trekking and climbing tours, alpine fishing activities - in so-called "wild" Siberia and Altai you can find any kind of adventure or recreation you have been dreaming of for a long time.

If you are eager to experience water rafting on Siberian rivers - the powerful Katun, beautiful Chuya, Ursul or Biya - then we can offer you a wide choice of white water rafting tours both for absolute beginners and for the most experienced rafters; if you dream of horseback riding vacations along wild mountain valleys then Altay horses are waiting for you; if you enjoy trekking and climbing activities, then the highest mountain of Altay Belukha welcomes you on its slopes and its peak. Whatever you are searching for – recreation and fishing or active tours and adventure, holidays on water or in the mountains, sightseeing with a professional guide or getting the experience of your own – Altay Mountains will be able to make all your crazy dreams come true.

Siberia travel is strong adventure for strong people, but once visitied this place you will have a right to be proud of yourself saying that "Hey, guys, I have visited the wildest, but the most beautiful place on our Earth. I have visited Russian Siberia".

Trekking and hiking tours Trekking and hiking are the most ecomonic and, probably, the most effective types of travelling in Altay. They will allow you to feel the real Altay, not from the window of a car. Find best trekking tours on our website! Find more
Water rafting tours Rafting in Altay is not only national, but a world-famous way of discovering Altay. Katun, Chuya, Chulyshman and Bashkaus rivers are the best for rafting and kayaking. Find more
Horseback riding tours Horseback riding, or better to say horseback trekking is the best option of seeing remote regions of Altay without carrying heavy bags during your trips. Find offers of travelling around Altay on horses. Find more
Combined tours Combine tours is the best option to see all climate zones of Altay and the diversity of Altaian nature. Besides you will experience two types of activity: horse trips and rafting or trekking and rafting on powerful Altaian rivers. Find more
Bus and car tours The most comfortable, from one hand, and most informative type of tours, from another hand. Perfectly suits for those who want to see Altay, but value comfortable accommodation and short transfers. Find more
Cultural & ethnical tours Bus, jeep & trekking cultural tours to Altay. Find out more about Shambala place and Nikolas Roerich's expedition, Scythian civilization & Ukok Princess, shamanic rituals & culture of Turkic peoples inhabitied Altay. Find more
Private and individual tours Individual way of travelling in Altay is when you want to see and experience everything. Besides you would like to get more comfort, more attention, more history and cultural experience. Then Individual travelling is for you! Find more
Corporate and team-building tours A team becomes a true team when it lives shared experience. It is not a competition that builds a team but a joint creation that strengthens the team’s spirit and makes the strongest connections between its members. Find more
Photo Tours If you want to take great photos, save all views of the landscapes in your memory, share emotions with all your family - these tours are special for you! Find more

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