“Altay is not only the pearl of Siberia, but of Asia also. The great future has been intended to this magnificent midpoint”.Nikolas Roerich

Accommodation in Altay

If active and adventure tours to Altay is not an interest of yours and you prefer spending time in pleasant walks or sitting at the fire near a river bank somewhere in the mountains be sure that in Altay you will also find this type of recreation. The only thing you need to do is to find the best type of accommodation appropriate for you and arrive in Altay Mountains. Staying at the camping or at a comfortable hotel you will be able either to keep the comfort and at the same time to feel a spirit of a wild nature Altay is so rich of.  

Altay Mountains region offers a wide range of accommodation: from luxury hotels full of comfort (single and double rooms or wooden houses with private bath or shower) to private cottages and campings where you either pay for a wood house or just pay for a place for your tent and settle in the camping. 

The most dense and popular regions in the meaning of comfortable hotels and developed infrastructure are Chemal (Chemalsky) and Maima (Maiminsky) regions. These regions “open a road” to the heart of Altay Mountains and are very popular among those who seek for comfort and civilization.

One of the most famous park-hotels of such type is called “Manzherok”. It is located in a very picturesqure in the pine tree forests near Katun river’s bank and Manzherok rapid. The territory of the hotel is fenced from strangers’ eyes that makes the feeling of calmness and some cosiness. The hotel offers Russian sauna (banya), open-air swimming pool, car parking, billiard room and a fire-place room for evening recreations. For its tourists it also offers a complex of wellness procedures, bicycles, horses rental as well as sightseeing tours to the most famous Altaian places of interest.

Another type of accommodation opposite to comfortable hotels is camping. “Milky Way” camping is its vivid example. The advantages of its location are privacy and intimacy to nature from one hand and closeness to civilization from another hand. You can either accommodate in the tent or pay for a little wooden house that will contain places for sleeping and some small shelves to out your clothes in. The camping usually offers a place for making fire, cooking wood and Russian sauna or banya which is so popular among tourists.

The prices per person vary from 15-20 euro/per night in campings to 30-40 euro/per night in 3-4 star comfortable hotels and holiday inns.


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