Why Altay Mountains?

If you are tired of standard tourism and seek for adventure travel somewhere in wild nature then you need to visit Russia, to be more exact Altay Mountians - the place located in the West Siberia region. Be sure that here you will get everything you need: outdoor adventures, white water rafting, horseback riding tours and other recreation tours Altay Mountians can offer.

Altay Mountains is one of very few places on Earth where during the past millennium a lot of ancient monuments were kept almost in their original look. Naturally combining with the environment they create the unique historical-cultural landscape. Travel to Altay Mountains and remember that Altay in substance is an outdoor museum – one of the most ancient districts of the human being’s habitation on the Asian continent. Here the evidences of the peoples’ activities from previous periods are remained; up till now one can see numerous monuments of Scythian, Old Turkic and other cultures. Every year different scientific expeditions happen on the republic’s territory. Their aim is to study the peoples’ history that used to live in these blessed valleys at one time. In Moscow museum of History and in St. Petersburg’s Hermitage unique burial discoveries that do not have world’s analogues are on display. 

  Altay Republic abounds with numerous lakes and rivers. The main river Katun starts from mountain glaciers and in 20 kilometers away from Biysk conflows with the Biya River that flows from the Teletskoye Lake – another Altay’s place of interest. The Biya is famous for its crystal pure water and which makes on the world’s biggest river the Ob. 

Altay Mountains is a miraculous and very beautiful region about which a lot of lyrical words have been written. European tourists who enjoy  adventure travel, and look for tourism  in Russia are greatly attracted by these places and always call Altay Mountains “Siberian Switzerland” owing to striking similarity of Altay Mountains and Swiss Alps. Wild and primitive nature untouchable by civilization is the reason why people all over the world come here tired from obsessive benefits of our time.

Altay Mountains are often compared with Tibet. According to a lot of legends somewhere here there is the entrance into the mystic Shambhala country – White Water land so called by Altay Old Believers – the country of touching to Enigma, knowledge of truth and heart’s opening. 

Altay Mountains are marvelous in all seasons striking by the variety of nature contrasts. If in summer they look like a colored carpet abundant with multicolored tones, in autumn the mountains are covered with yellow-orange fire of leaves above which appear the snow peaks that sparkle like diamonds. 

Weather in Altay Mountains

Altay weather sometimes is very changeable and unstable which is not surprising – it is indeed the place where clouds live. Here it often might be seen when in front of your eyes a cloud is born and increases appearing from the next mountain. In general the climate is considered as extremely continental that is again not surprising as Altay lies almost in the very center of the continent far away from all oceans. But climate conditions quite differ in various Altay regions, they are determined by the region’s height and by the dominant winds. The warmest place of the West Sibir as well as its cold pole are located on the territory of Altay Republic. 

In Altay Mountains outstanding people live who managed to reserve their customs, national culture and traditions. They worship nature power, consider themselves as its part and hold their ancestors‘ memory in honor. Love to their native land, inexhaustible belief in their high assignment help Altay people to overcome any difficulties on their way to prosperity and progress. 

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