Lake Teletskoye in Altai borrows the experience of “the Great Baikal trail”

In the rural Artybashsky village, a seminar entitled "Development of ecological paths: Theory and Practice" took place. The seminar was held within the framework of the "Lake Teletskoye: protection of nature and of human rights" project, implemented by the Non-Profit Partnership "Teletskoye Lake Council" since November of 2011.

Svetlana Buzina, an expert on the Trans-Baikal Ecotourism National Park and a practical expert on paths of the inter-regional public organization "Great Baikal Trail," was in the settlement on a work visit related to the project. Svetlana commended the local trails as promising for development and made an expert assessment on the existing routes leading to the Third stream and Silver source and gave practical advice on building paths leading to these tourist sites.
According to the Press Service of the NP "Teletskoye Lake Council," the need for path-building equipment at Teletskoye has existed for a long time – for some popular tourist destinations more than half a century! Every year thousands of tourists walk along them. However, experience in constructing paths in the region is not fully developed yet, thus Svetlana Buzina's practical recommendations were very helpful.

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