How to get to Russia

To get to Russian Federation as well as to Sibir and Altay Mountains is as easy as that. First you need to choose what type of travelling you prefer - by plane, by train or by car. It does not matter which one you will choose - all of them will bring you a lot of excitement and enjoy.

Travelling by plane

In order to get to Altay Mountains you first need to arrive in the capital of Sibir - Novosibirsk - or the capital of Altay region - Barnaul. Travelling to Altay always starts from these places.

  • If you start from Novosibirsk the route will be Novosibirsk - Barnaul - Biysk - Maima - Chemal. Duration is about 7 hours;
  • If you start from Banaul the route will be Barnaul - Biysk - Maima - Chemal. Duration is about 4 hours;
There are two ways to get to Novosibirsk/Barnaul. One of the is a direct flight from Europe. The other one is a transit flight via Moscow or St. Petersburg. If you prefer staying a couple of days in the capital of Russia or iin the most beautiful Russian city St. Petersburg, then choose the transit travel.   
Direct flights Europe-Novosibirsk

There are at least two air companies that flight directly from Europe to Novosibirsk or Barnaul. It is S7 airlines and Czech Airlines. The first company flights from Frankfurt-on-Main, Dusseldorf, Hannover, the second one - from Prague. The flight trip will take you about 6 hours. 
Transit flights Europe-Moscow-Novosibirsk 

To Moscow or St. Petersburg you can get from any country you would like. Every air company will take you to the capital of Russian Federation. If you would like to spend some time in Moscow or St. Petersburg, please, let us know by e-mail or send us an inquiry so that we could help you find the best accommmodation, meet you at the airport and organize for you the best sightseeing program.  Just to remind you that for a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit Accommodation in Moscow for more information.
Then it is time to buy the tickets inside the country that will take you exactly to Novosibirsk or Barnaul. Here is the list of the companies that provide internal flights Moscow/St. Petersburg-Novosibirsk/Barnaul: Aeroflot airlines, S7 airlines, Transaero, Ural Airlines, Rossiya airlines. These are the largest ones and will always provide you with the best flight time and best prices. If you need out help in booking and finding the best routes, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mial or filling in an inquiry form.

Travelling by train

This type of travelling is for those who would like to see the vast and picturesque sceneries of Russia and feel the Russian adventure and spirit during a long trip. Please, mind that that the travel from Moscow to Novosibirsk by train will take you 48 hours; from St. Petersburg - about 60 hours. But it is worth it. If you buy tickets in a comrfotable compartment you will feel quite relaxing sitting at a table and drinking tea in a very special 'train' glass, the tea that is served by a stewardess. You will be able to see Russian "glubinka" (depth of the country), Russian vilalges, regional towns; at the 20-minute rural stations you will be able to buy a lot of authenticfal souvenirs. This is the advantage of the train travelling.
There are a lot of companies that provide online booking and purchase of tickets iInside Russia. Some of the you can find in the Internet:,, etc. But, please, before buying a ticket or choosing the best route ask as for advice or consulation support. We will help you choose the best price and make all clarifications if you need them.

Travelling by car

If you are a great adventurer, you can also travel by car along Russian vast areas. The cars of different type and class are offered for rent in Moscow and St. Petersburg. You can also be accompanied by you language-speaking person who will be ready to accompany you on all the way to Novosibirsk or Altay. If you are interested of such type of travelling, please, let us know about it and we shall create the most interesting and exciting trip for you.

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