Teletskoye lake

Lake Teletskoye is the largest lake in the Altay Mountains and the Altay Republic, Russia. It is one of 25 deepest lakes in the world, having a depth of up to 325 meters. Situated at a height of 434 m (1,424 ft) above sea level, the lake is 78 km (48 miles) long and 5 km (3 mi) wide and lies between the mountain ridges Korbu and Al-tyntu, on the junction of Sailughem Mountains and Western Sayans. Its surface area is 233 km² (90 sq mi); however, due to its considerable depth (325 m, 1,066 ft), the lake contains no less than 40 km³ (9.6 cubic miles) of fresh water. Annual water level fluctuations are estimated at some 348 sm. The lake transparency is high, with the visibility of the lake water ranging from six to fourteen meters.

About 70 rivers and 150 temporary streams flow into the lake, the largest of them, Chulyshman River, supplying more than half of the lake's water. The lake is drained through a single outlet, the Biya River, which, after its confluence with the Katun River, forms one of Siberia's largest rivers, the Ob River.

The lake is surrounded by mountains of 600-1,300 m in the northern part and about 1,700-2,400 m (5,600 - 7,900 ft) in the southern part. Lake Teletskoye is included into Altaysky Nature Reserve. That reserve along with the Katun Natural Reserve and the Ukok Plateau Nature Refuge were listed as one of UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites under the name "Golden Mountains of Altay".

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Origin of Teletskoye lake

Teletskoye lake or Telesskoye, Telezhskoye recieved its name about 400 year ago because of the Altaian tribes called Teleuty or Telesy who used to live nere the lake. The inhabitants used to know it as Altyn-Kol lake, Gold Lake. Mongolians call it Altyn-Nor lake but in the Chinese geography it is know as Altay or Artay.

The shores of Teletskoye lake are always steep, cut by the gorges and have got picturesque bays. There are two big gulfs - Kamginsky and Kyginsky -  that are natural  breeding grounds for fish; in the north and the south the lake ends  by wide  stretches of water.

Climate of Teletskoye lake

The climate of the lake is sharp continental and what is more interesting the its characteristics quite differ in different parts of the lake. For example, in the Southern part of Teletskoye lake the temperature is 4-5 degrees warmer than in its northern part. But in the north it snows and rains more often. Here you can find a very unusual phenomenon which is quite rare but very dangerous - rocks heated during the day get cold by night time and  "shoot' by stones.
In Teletskoye lake there are fortheen types of fish among which are teletsky grayling, taimen, lenok fish, perch and others. 

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