Steps for visa preparation

Step 1: Get an Invitation 

An invitation or a visa support letter which includes a “Tourist voucher” (see a sample) and a “Tourist confirmation” (see a sample) is one of the most important documents that you need to have when applying for a Russian tourist visa. We have an official permission as a representative of a Russian Tour Operator to provide foreign tourists with such kind of invitations which will be valid when applying. In order to get this invitation you need to do the following:

  • Fill in an application form and send it to our e-mail address: ;
  • Pay for the invitation processing fee via PayPal address or via our official bank account; The invitation processing fee is 50 euro or 70 dollars.

As soon as the payment is received your invitation papers will be ready within 3 working days and be sent to you either to your e-mail address in a scanned format, or via a fax machine. In some cases you might need the originals of your invitation papers (please, check it in your Embassy). In this case we can also send you these documents by FEDEX, PONY Express or DHL services (Deliver fees vary from 30 euro to 50 euro).

Step 2: Prepare the Documents

Once you have your invitation papers, you need to prepare the rest documents to apply for your Russian visa.

Step 3: Apply for a Russian Visa

Finally when all your documents are ready you need to submit them to the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country. Mind it, that you can either do it by yourself, or through a local travel agency. Travel agencies usually charge from $30 to $80 for their services but allow you to save your time and usually know the consulate's requirements very well, so you won't have to research that. Visa processing will take you from 3 days to 20 days depending on urgency and the country where you applied for.

Visa registration

Upon arriving in Russia you have 3 working days to register your visa. Either a hotel you are staying at can do it or a travel agency that is responsible for your staying in Russia will register your visa. If we are working together we shall take a full responsibility to take care of your registration.


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