“Altay is not only the pearl of Siberia, but of Asia also. The great future has been intended to this magnificent midpoint”.Nikolas Roerich

Altaian national festival El-Oiyn will take place from 28, June to 01, July 2012 in Ongudai region of Altay

This year’s National Day “El-Oiyn 2012” will be held from June 28 to July 1, 2012 in the Kabailu-Mezhelik area near the village Elo. It will be devoted to the 90th anniversary of the Oyrot and the 1150-th anniversary of the Russian statehood bearing. The Altaian Minister of culture Vladimir Konchev told it on the meeting with deputies of the heads of municipalunits of the country. According to him this time the program will be slightly edited. Thus, it is first planned to start a holiday with the parade of its participants.

The delegations of all the municipal units of Altay will walk in front of the main stage, presenting their costumes and flags. After it the theatrical show itself will be presented. The changes were made in order to let the representatives of the regional delegations see the performance together with the rest of the audience.

We will remind that Mikhail Kulunakov was chosen to be a producer of the holiday, who recommended himself as a young and talented stage director. His debut performance “Turgak” was highly appraised by the experts on the international theatre festival  “Cherished Land” – “Legends of the blue sky – Kok Tengri”.

The Minister Vladimir Konchev also noted that for holding the opening ceremony they will need to organize extras of 400-600 people. He also said they will need many horses for the theatrical perfomance.  

Traditionally, the holiday program will be full of sport events: Kuresh fight, archery, Altay tent, whip, tebek. Besides the competitions of mace throwing club, climbing the cedar and stone lifting will be held. Also the show-contests of ails and national costumes will be held and the city of craftsmen will work during the festival.

During the “El Oiyn-2012” the international assembly of Taleswappers will also take place. Kaichi will compete in the art of throat singing.

This year 2 million rubles will be contributed from the state budget. The funds are planned to be spent on current facilities and infrastructure repairs, as well as on the summer fountain construction works on the place of the holiday celebration.
On the meeting the Minister of culture Vladimir Konchev assured all present that “El Oiyn” would once again be held on a very high level. Many guests are expected to come to see the holiday.

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