Horseback riding tours

"Horseback trekking to Aigulak range & Soktu-Taiga valley", 12 days/11 nights, 740 euro Aygulak range (from Altai 'small ear', 'lunar ear') in its beauty is as good as the famous gorges of the North-Chu ridge. Route ta along the old road of the Chu tract, an ancient caravan trail blazed around the rocks, terminating to the raging river. During the tour the route will take tourists through the high bare mountains "Soktu-Taiga" (translated from the Altaian 'Goltzes of death'), along the untouched by civilization and rich with animals Aigulak range, along the taiga trails, steep rocks and swift mountain streams. Find more
“Cradle of the world. Plateau Ukok", 16 days/15 nights, from 1420 euro The destination point of this tour is Plateau Ukok – a mysterious region of Altay, covered with legends. Hundreds archaeological sites of different types and cultures were opened on Ukok including burial, religious, settler systems, carvings, stone geometric calculations, deer stones and Ancient statues. The most interesting discoveries are the mounds of Pazyryk culture. They remain unique items of decorative arts - crafts from wood, felt, fabric and leather aged 25 000 years old. Find more
Horseback riding tour "Tale of the Sky" 7 days/6 nights This tour takes place in the Middle Altay mountains along the Kuminsky ridge - the border of the river Katun and its right tributary - the river Chemal. On the road the tourists will see the alpine plateau "Toguz-Kol'" ('Nine Lakes') and the foggy mountain Albagan (2500 m) - the highest peak in this region. The tour is developed for beginners and people of standard phisycal condition who prefer light and pleasant activities. Find more
Horse riding tour "Swiss landscapes of Siberian Shavla lakes", 11 days/10 nights, 750 euro Shavlinskie (shavla) lakes are the most famous ones in Altay. Ancient cedars come close to the very surface of the water, creating an unforgettable fairy contrast bright blue color…You will discover the beauty of the pristine alpine lakes, mountain peaks, snow-capped peaks, whose names speak for themselves - Dream, Beauty and the Fairy Tale. Find more

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