Combined tours

"Pearl of Altay - Teletskoye lake - 2013", 8 days/8 nights, 780 euro The first active and recreation tour devoted to Teletskoye lake and its surroundings. A nice opportunity to see and feel beauties of Altaian Natural State reserve and famous Teletskoye lake. The tour fits for non-active travelers and for those who prefer short & light trekkings or walkings to adventure activity. Most of the tour takes place by boating from the Nothern to the Southern cape of the lake with the visit of the legendary Stone Mushrooms and an unapproachable Altaian largest waterfall Uchar. Find more
“Shavla lakes and turquoise Katun river”, 15 days/14 nights, 1220 euro Shavlinskie lakes are the most famous ones in Altay. Ancient cedars come close to the very surface of the water, creating an unforgettable fairy contrast bright blue color…You will discover the beauty of the pristine alpine lakes, mountain peaks, snow-capped peaks, whose names speak for themselves - Dream, Beauty and the Fairy Tale. Find more
Horseback trek and rafting tour "Between two worlds", 9 days/8 nights, from 465 euro The tour takes place along Kuminsky mountains ridge that separates Chemal river from Katun river. The lower part of the ridge is formed by steep rock walls ,dissected canyons and crystal clear streams. Above the cliffs, on the ridge, there is a cedar taiga and vast alpine meadows. Rafting takes plce on the Lower Katun, through a series of beautiful rapids with rocks-islands in the channel. Find more
Rafting and riding tour "From Middle Katun to Terekta range" 9 days/8 nights This tour is created for those tourists who would like to experience rafting adventure on the most powerful part of Katun river - Middle Katun - and at the same time ride on horses up to Terekta range feeling the spirit and mistery of the mountains nature. Find more
Rafting and riding tour "From Chuya river to Terekta ridge" 11 days/10 nights This combined tour takes place high in the mountains from Chuya river - the right tributary of Katun river - and continues on horses along the Terekta range - the border between two most misterious and picturesque Altay regions. Find more

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