Corporate tourism. We’re the power together.

1. Business meetings and negotiations in Altay. The success of negotiations depends not only on meticulously prepared proposals. Often you need to surprise your negotiation partner – really catch his or her attention – then you'll quickly early his/her trust.
Your guests will be greeted at the airport and provided executive class cars to transport you to Altay. The hotel complex will provide you with everything needed for successful discussions: conference halls, a telephone connection, Internet, a fitness center, tennis courts and swimming pools. The weekend will be remembered for a long time to come: you'll go fishing in a mountain river, take a flight to the glacial lake and have a picnic on the protected shore.

2. Teambuilding in Altay.
A team becomes a true team when it lives shared experience. It is not a competition that builds a team but a joint creation that strengthens the team’s spirit and makes the strongest connections between its members. Nowadays the tendencies in teambuilding process is when people do not play games or participate in contests but create and realize mutual projects, social in particular: build feed racks for wild animals in natural reserves, clean camping sites to protect nature and water from pollution, set trees etc. Such social activity combined with qualitative relaxation in the right place truly creates the righteous results in building of your team.

3. Board of directors. Who said the board of directors should take place in the office? Being held in nature it might become more effective and pleasant that you might expect. Business-class automobiles, top-level resorts that combine luxury and unity with nature in one place, state-of-the-art level meeting rooms with Wi-Fi, flipcharts, projector screen, laptops, paper and pens, coffee-breaks and full board will build your working day in the most productive and effective way.  During the evenings in the dining room you will find entertainment by professional animators, trips to interesting natural attractions, Altaian sauna and other entertainments.

4. Film and commercial shooting. Altay and Siberia attract great attention of film producers and companies who want to introduce this sacred land the whole world. Others would like to shoot documentaries about wild life of Altay. Peculiarity of film or commercial shooting is in the lack of time – film companies can only spend a couple of days making a good documentary or a commercial. The understanding of these features allows us to build the right logistics and offer the best decision in getting this aim.

5. Caravans and test drives. The mountain relief of the Altay is an excellent place for testing the capabilities of off-road vehicles: on the unpaved roads of the taigas, the hilly steppes and the flat plateaus. The picturesque scenery gives you great opportunities for shooting marketing materials.

6. Company’s birthdays.
Celebrating company’s birthday in an unusual place will be remembered forever! It is in this event when you can play games, participate in contests, give presents to each other and wish prosperity to your beloved company. Altay has many options to offer such celebration: vast territories for fireworks and open-air performances, comfortable accommodation with all modern facilities, elements of local culture to get acquainted with and unbelievably fabulous and wild nature around. If you truly want to celebrate the company’s birthday in an unusual way, choose Altay Mountains –you will never regret!



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