Water rafting tours

"Rafting on Chuya river" - adrenaline for experienced rafters - 5 days/4 nights This route takes place along the mountain river Chuya - the Katun's largest tributary. This rafting tour is devoted for more experienced rafters as it takes place at the upper Chuya river with the rapids of the IV-V difficulty grades. One of the most exciting parts of this journey is the road to the starting point: it is Chuysky Highway - a road to Mongolia. Moving along Chuysky Highway you will cross Seminsky and Chike-Tamansky passovers and will be able to see the breathtaking views of Katun flowing down the valley from one side and steep rocks and cliffs from the other one. Adventurous experience! Find more
"Middle Katun river rafting" - a lot of emotions for limited time - 5 days/4 nights Middle Katun river rafting is a reduced, but the most popular variant of weekly rafting along the picturesque and remoted part of Katun called Middle. This rafting includes the most energetic river part with its powerful, challenging and famous rapids: "Ilgumen'", "Kadrinskaya Truba", "Shabash", "Aila", "Tel'dekpen'" and "Elandinsky" that are located in the remoted uninhabited canyon. Unbelievable, wild nature, turquous water and taiga forests around and not a single tourist - all these things you can experience in river rafting only. Find more
"River rafting on Lower Katun" - recreation and comfort - 7 days/6 nights Are you fond of sport activities but prefer easy rafting and comfortable recreation? Besides you have a family with the kids who also go in for sport? This tour is for you then! The tour takes place on the lower part of the main Altay's river - Katun. It starts from the estuary of the Biyka river and finishes lower the rapid "Manzherok". This is the most beautiful and accessible part of the river Katun for non-prepared tourists and for tourists with families and children. The tour is a nice combination of the active travel and time for recreation. Find more
"Middle Katun river rafting" - the best choice for rafting - 9 days/ 8 nights, from 405 euro This tour is created for those active travellers who would like to spend more time in Altay rather then 3-4 days. Middle Katun river rafting is a weekly and the most popular rafting tour among tourists which takes place along the Middle Katun. This rafting includes the most energetic river's part with its powerful rapids: "Ilgumen", "Kadrinskaya Truba", "Shabash" that are located in the remoted uninhabited canyons. A 9-day tour will give you the best feeling of Altay nature, the beautiful river Katun and the feeling of rafting adventure. Find more

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