Cultural & ethnical tours

"Altaian cradle: diversity of religions", cultural exploration tour The Altay Mountains are the cradle of many nations. From here Scythian, Hun and Turkish tribes flowed along the endless expanses of Eurasia. Here it were found countless archaeological sites, which due to their historical and cultural significance are to the world treasury of mankind. Ancient burial mounds, cave paintings and inscriptions, as well as the distinctive traditions of Altay people attract travelers from around the world no less than the unique natural beauty. This route will allow tourists to look at the past, feel the connection of times and see the beauty of the present. Find more
"Nikolas Roerich: in search of Shambala", ethnical and adventure tour, 10 days/9 nights In 1926 in the Uymon valley of Altay, a Central Asian expedition took place, led by a prominent cultural figure of the twentieth century Nicholas Roerich. A great artist and philosopher, Roerich gave Altay and Siberia a very special significance; The main idea of this cultural tour is to follow the footsteps of Nikolas Roerich during that expedition and visit the places connected with his life and work in Altay: Roerich’s museum in Novosibirsk city, Roerich’s monument on Turquoise Katun in Altay, Belukha Mount and Yarlu valley – the pilgrimage place of the painter’s followers, Upper Uymon village with the Roerich’s museum and Museum of Old Believers with whom the philosopher was inseparably connected during his Central-Asian expedition. Find more
"To Scythian gold and Ukok Princess", ethnical and adventure tour, 12 days/11 nights Scythians... Even Herodotus mentioned a nation of "the griffons keeping the gold". Recent discoveries on the sacred Plateau Ukok and Pazyryk land allowed the whole world get closer to the mysterious ancient-altaian civilization named Scythian or Pazyryk. The tour offered was created for those travelers who feels great interest in Altaian culture and its history and is eager to go on a wild journey to see the evidences of famous Scythians (mummy of Ukok Princess) as well as visit their sacred temple complex named Plateau Ukok. Find more
"Healing power of altaian Maral", health and recreation tour, 12 days/11 nights Altay is the perfect place for rehabilitation and treatment. There is alpine climate, more than 300 sunny days a year, healing hot springs, growing in the wild herbs, healing mud of steppe lakes here. It was here that on the basis of mountain deer velvet antlers the methods have been developed and products have been manufactured which extend the human life and create an unusually wide range of treatment and rehabilitation. Find more
A weekend tour "Altay in a Nutshell", 4 days/3 nights This tour was worked out for those tourists, who do not have too much time to discover far and wild regions of Altay; it is not for those who seek for adventure and wildness either. It is for those travellers who whould like to take a first glimpse at what Altay is, how it looks like, what traditions it has and what emotions it can give for a first-time traveller. The destination of the tour is national-famous Chemal village - a centre and a starting point of tourism to Altay and a place full of history and places of interest. Find more

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