Private and individual tours

If you prefer wild adventure travel to Siberia and Altai to comfort; if you are tired of civilization and main-stream tourism and seak for  individual tourism to Siberia and Altay Mountains; if you enjoy private and individual tours to Siberia with professional translator-guides and instructors and would like to travel and open your own world by your own eyes; if you are ready to research new and unexplored routes and get to the places not accessible for common toursts - then we shall organize for you individual escorted tours according to your most unbelievable wishes.

You will visit the Mongolian border which is about 1000 km away from Novosibirsk, you will see a surprising place called Kosh-Agach with houses without roofs - it is because it never rains or snows here. You will paraglide in the sky and from the bird's view you will be able to see the vast Altay territories, valleys, mountains rivers and mountians - beautiful, dignified and magnificent.

We can offer you horseback riding tours to places untouchable by civilization, adventure trekking tours to the most beautiful mountain lakes - Shavlinskie and Karakolskiye lakes - climbing and hiking tours to the glaciers (Aktru Glacier), hiking tours to the Altai Mountains range. You will be able to take a helicopter to get to Belukha peak - the highest mountain of the whole Altay Mountains. These private, individual and if desired escorted tours will make you bring home not only pictures with unbelievable sceneries but also a great deal of emotions and impressions that will be kept in your heart for a long time. 

We shall take responsibility for organizing white water rafting tours for you, catamaran or river rafting tours (with the indispensible professional water instructors and guides), mountains fishing tours for grayling in the purest rivers that originate from the glaciers. The Russian sauna or banya made of the stones at the river's bank , nights in the mountain valleys used to be the ocean bottom are expecting for you. The wild horses tribes will be your neighbors and your cosy tent under the star sky will be your home. during your adventure Siberian travel.  The tea made of mountain herbs will bring you freshness and strenth after the active day and the dinner made on the fire will give you the taste better than that one from the best restaurants of the world - it is the power of Nature.

We shall meet you at the airport, offer you the vehicle according to your wish. Professional guides, instructors and translators will be at your disposal: English, German, French, Italian, Czech, Russian, Norwegian and other languages. We shall help you get the Russian visa, send you the invitations to your Embassy, provide you with all necessary documents that are obligatory to obtain the visa to Russian Federation. We shall support you in getting all the air, train or car tickets on your long, but very interesting and ex—Āiting way to Siberia regions and Altay Mountains. Just trust our experience and our great wish to make your holidays in Siberia and Altay unforgettable.

We shall provide you with all necessary equipment, thoroughly think over the transfers'  and campings' logistics.

We shall organize your individual tour the way that will not allow you take your attention to valueless things that always take a lot of strength and time.  We are ready to organize your leisure, recreation and active adventure and think of all variants and nuances. You will have only to have a nice time, rest and enjoy the unusual, wild and original nature of the Altay Mountains.



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