Bus and car tours

"Jeep expedition to Ukok Plateau", 9 days/8 nights, 1400 euro Ukok Plateau is covered by a multicolored carpet of alpine meadows, and after a long winter awaken animals and many birds arrive here. Here is the home for rare birds, some of which are found in Siberia, and some - in Central Asia. These are mountain geese, black storks, eagles, black vultures, griffon vultures, etc. High in the mountains still live snow leopards that can be seen with binoculars if you are lucky enough. Thanks to the pristine nature and archeological discoveries Ukok listed as a World Heritage Site. Find more
"Big Golden ring of Altay by car", 12 days/11 nights, 1720 euro It is the Great round tour letting you see the most of indicative historical places of Altay and its nature diversity. You will have an opportunity to touch the mystery of “Denisova Cave”. The traces of prehistoric human life activity dated back to 300 thousand years ago were found here. Find more
"Golden Ring of Altay", 9 days/8 nights, 860 euro The “Golden Ring of Altay” tour is a new tourist route, which includes areas that are unique and considered the most popular and accessible for tourists. In the list there are Altaian capital Barnaul, Biysk – the Gates to Altay, the health resort Belokurikha, Lake Aya, Turquoise Katun, tourist “Mecca” Chemal and the pearl of the Altay Mountains Teletskoye lake. The union of these areas creates a truly golden ring of Altay. Find more

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