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"Emeralds of Katun ridge. Kucherlinskoe lake", 11 days/10 nights, from 480 euro Kucherla lake in Ust-Koksinsky Altai region (1750 meters above sea level, the translation from the Altai 'kudyurlu', which means 'solonchak') - is a lake formed as a result of falling debris flown into the mountain. The lake has an unusual deep turquoise-blue color of the water, which gave it a name "Emerald Lake of Altai". In the morning and in the evening, when the sun does not directly illuminate the lake, on the surface you can see the mirror image of a blue sky or sunset.. Mountain slopes are covered with larch and cedar trees. This trek is a fairly simple not-categorized route, 2 days of which will be devoted to the radial output to the glaciers with a return back to the camp. The tourists also have the opportunity to lease cargo horses for the first 2 days till Kucherla lake. Find more
"Central Altai trekking - Sarlyk mount", 5 days/4 nights - from 265 euro A magnificent economy option for tourists who want to see the Altai in a short period of time, as well as tourists traveling through the Trans-Siberian Novosibirsk who want to touch the Altai Mountains. Trekking passes through the mountain ridge Semínský till Sarlyk mount (2506 m) - the highest point of the Seminsky ridge, Central Altai. Located 10 km from the famous pass, Sarlyk mountain and its surrounding landscapes will surprise you with its pristine beauty, privacy and nature unspoiled by tourists. Find more
"Siberian Switzerland - turquoise Shavla lakes" - departure from Barnaul - 570 euro Shavlinskie (Shavla) lakes are the most famous ones in Altay. Ancient cedars come close to the very surface of the water, creating an unforgettable fairy contrast bright blue color…You will discover the beauty of the pristine alpine lakes, mountain peaks, snow-capped peaks, whose names speak for themselves - Dream, Beauty and the Fairy Tale. Find more
"Trekking in Chuya Alps: Shavla lakes and Maashei gorge", 13 days/12 nights, from 880 euro The active part of the tour takes place in one of the most beautiful places in this mountainous country - North Chuya ridge separating the valley of the two major tributaries of the Katun river Chuya and Argut, not without reason called Chui Alps. It is a powerful mountain range that has a distinct alpine terrain and powerful modern glaciation. Gorges Maashey and Shavla with their magnificent lakes, framed cedar taiga and white coat peaks reflected in their waters will surely impress you with its grandeur and pristine beauty. During 2 weeks you will pass mountain trails and passes, walk on glaciers, and easy ascend to the snowy peaks. Find more
"On the way to Aktru valley and glaciers", 9 days/8 nights, from 650 euro The travel area - Southern Altay – is rarely researched and slightly changed region that largely bears the characteristics of neighboring Mongolia. The car part of the route and travel in the mountains is a great opportunity to see almost all natural zones of Altay, from pine and hardwood forests, walking in a narrow strip along the Katun river valley, Mongolian steppe landscapes of the Kurai basin to mountain taiga forests and snow-ice deserts of the alpine zone. Find more
"To Roerich's Shambala - Belukha Mount", 12 days/11 nights, 699 euro The most popular trekking tour to Altay is unique by its nature as it reveals the most sacred, interesting and authentic parts of Altay; The route takes place in the Ust-Koksa region with the destination point Belukha Mount – the highest in the whole Siberia. Other landmarks you are going to see in this route: Ak-Kem Lake, Kucherla Valley, Belukha mount, Karatyurek pass (3060), Upper Uymon village and Roerich’s museum. Find more
Trekking tour "Altay ethics. Following Nikolas Roerich", 8 days/7 nights The route was developed in the footsteps of a world-famous philosopher, mystic, traveller and painter Nikolas Roerich who loved Altay. This route will take you to the Uymon valley that attracted great attention of people with different religious views and philosophical trends. Today in this place you can meet both the descendants of the Old Believers and people who study the legacy of Nikolas Roerich. Find more
"To the heart of Belukha through the lost world" - top-rated for adventure travellers, from 600 euro This popular tour will take you to the two major Altay landmarks - Belukha mountain and white-watered lake Ak-Kem. Belukha is the highest mountain of the Altay Mountains and Siberia. Its eastern peak is 4506 m above the sea level. At its foot on the height of 2000 m there is the lake Ak-Kem in the honor of which Altay land was called White Water land by Nikolas Roerich. Find more
"Ak-Kem ring trekking", 11 days/10 nights, from 550 euro This tour is developed for those who are fond of alpine trekking and is not afraid of difficulties. Your patience will be awarded: you wil see the highest mountain of Altay and Siberia - Belukha and unbelievable beautiful alpine Ak-Kem lakes. Find more
"Swiss-like Shavla lakes with Beauty, Fairy-Tale and Dream peaks", 12 days/11 nights, from 500 euro This trekking tour will allow you to see one of the most beautiful places of Altay - the gorge of Shavla river - with its unique Shavla lakes and white-snow peaks that are reflected on the water surface. Find more
Trekking tour "Aktru gorge. Climbing on Aktru peak", 12 days/11 nights Aktru peak (Turkic 'Snow head') is on of the most beautiful peaks in the North-Chuya ridge that rises 4000 m above the see level. Taking this tour you will repeat the route of the pathfinders that climbed the peak in 1959. Find more

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