"Jeep expedition to Ukok Plateau", 9 days/8 nights, 1400 euro

Tour item: Pl0002

Tour type: Jeep tour

Tour duration: 9 days/8 nights

Number of people: From 3 people in a group

Dates: 07.07 - 14.07. 2013; 20.07 - 27.07.2013; 03.08 - 10.08.2013

Price: 1312 euro / 1763 dollars / 56000 rubles

Price includes:

•    transfer from and to the airport
•    all transfers in off-road Land Cruiser 105
•    meals 3 times daily according to the program
•    accommodation in yurts/ails according to the program
•    the guide’s and interpreter’s services
•    program excursions and museum tickets
•    equipment rental
•    all permits and licenses
•    Russian bathes (3 times)
•    Rossgosstrakh insurance (450 000  ₱ coverage)
•    accommodation at the Barnaul hotel (Day 8)

Extra expences:

  • alcohol beverages
  • persona expences
  • accommodation at the cottages during camping at Jumalinskiye springs and Jazator
  • fishing equipment rental

6 foreign tourists - 56 000 ₱/ 1440 €/per person
4  foreign tourists - 58 000 ₱ /1490 €/per person
2  foreign tourists – 63 600 ₱/ 1630 €/per person
1  foreign tourist  – 76 130 ₱/ 675 €/per person

In the very south of the Altai, on the border of Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia, among the rocky mountains there is a "lost" place called Ukok plateau. The plateau is located at an altitude of 2200 - 2500 m above sea level, above it, at a height of 500-600 meters tower the mountain ranges. The maximum elevation of the plateau's surrounding mountains - mountain-knot Tabyn Bogda Ola (five sacred peaks), the highest mountain of which - Nairamdal - reaches 4,374 meters above sea level and is the highest point of Mongolia. Mountain site Tabyn-Bogda Ola is sacred to the Mongolian and Chinese Buddhists.

As a sacred place Ukok plateau appears in Altai and adhers to other religious views, including those of pagan. Ukok is famous for its unique archaeological finds. Here the monuments from the Paleolithic, Bronze Age and Iron to the Middle Ages and the XVII-XVIII centuries AD were found. On the plateau a well-preserved mummy of a woman in a rich burial with well-preserved tattoos dynamic was discovered, as well as a large number of highly valuable things of past epochs. Finds are exhibited in the best museums of the world. Altogether, there are about Ukok plateau 1,500 archaeological sites. Ukok plateau yet has not shared all its secrets: new discoveries are waiting to be discovered in the frozen alpine tundra.

Ukok Plateau is covered by a multicolored carpet of alpine meadows, and after a long winter awaken animals and many birds arrive here. Here is the home for rare birds, some of which are found in Siberia, and some - in Central Asia. These are mountain geese, black storks, eagles, black vultures, griffon vultures, etc. High in the mountains still live snow leopards that can be seen with binoculars if you are lucky enough. Thanks to the pristine nature and archeological discoveries Ukok listed as a World Heritage Site.

Tour itinerary

Day 1. Barnaul - Chuysky Highway (600 km - jeep) 

Morning arrival in Barnaul. Trnsfer by jeeps s along the ancient trade route – Chuysky Trakt via Biysk. Registration formalities at the hotel "Manzherok" (2-3 hours). Continuing on through the pass Seminsky (1717 m) and the beautiful, serpentine-type Chike-Taman (1295 m) until Chibit settlement. On the way - visit the rock painting complex Kalbak-Tash. Arrival at the ECO Tourist Complex "Nomad" about 21 00, accommodation in 4-bed Mongolian yurts and houses. Dinner at the cafe. Russian bath.

Day 2. Jumalinskie thermal springs (230 km - jeep) 

Breakfast. In the Aktash village we go throuth the formalities of admission regime. We continue the journey towards Mongolia to the village of Kosh-Agach - the last village before the plateau Ukok. The road becomes much worse and gradually goes higher. Moving to Dzhumalinskie thermal springs which are at a height of about 2400 meters above sea level. This rare type of thermal springs containing radon has the status of a natural monument. There are few outputs of thermal waters here and all of them are located within 200 m from the bed of the Djumala river. Temperature of the water is different - from 9-14 to 18-20 degrees, it does not freeze in winter. Just behind Dzhumalinskie springs begins "Ukok Quiet Zone", recognized by UNESCO as objects of protection. Setting camping overnight in tents.

Day 3. Warm spring passiover.

Breakfast. Transfer through the Warm Spring passover (2906 m) and arrival at the Plateau Ukok. Memory photo from the passover. Further transfer to the foot of the Tavan-Bogd mountain ridge. Chek-point. Campingat the bank of Argandzhi river. Night in the tents.

Day 4. Ukok Princess

After breakfast, we continue our travel along the plateau Ukok. We cross the river Ak-Alakha and visit Bertek tract. It was here in 1993, that the discovery was made, which brought Ukok a worldwide fame. In one of the mounds there was found a woman's body with tattoos, which show that their owner was a priestess of high level. Next, move to the largest of the Ukok lakes - Kaldzhin-Kol Kol-Kaldzhin Bass, offering magnificent views over the Altai Range, Nairamdal peak (4374 m), the pass Ukok. Moving up to the confluence of Kalguty and Ak-Akalaha rivers. In the rivers you can fish for grayling. Lovely view of the Tabyn-Bogda Ola. Overnight in tents.

Day 5. Bertek petroglyphs
Today we visit one of the oldest monuments of Ukok - Bertek cave paintings. It is located on the cliff Kyzyl-Tas, on the banks of the Ak-Alaha river. It includes about 120 characters. Most of the drawings belong to the early Iron Age. Here you can see the image of hunters and deer, horse and camels, dogs and bulls. Rest. Fishing.

Day 6. Bugymuiz passover 

After breakfast we leave Ukok Plateau. In case of favorable weather we storm Bugymuiz Pass (2843 m). Moving to the most remote village of Altay - Dzhazator. Overnight in tents at the territory of the guest house. The accommodation in the cottages is for an additional fee. Russian bath. In case of bad weather, we return to the familiar road to the pass Warm Spring. Overnight in the tents of  Dzhumalinskie springs. Russian bath.

Days 7 - 8 Road back home (850 km – car)
2-day transfer till Barnaul with the night at the echo-complex "Kochevnik". Accommodation at the mongolian yurts and altaian ails. Russian bath. Farewell dinner. Arrival in Barnaul aeound 19.00. Accommodation at the holte "Barnaul".   

Day 9 - transfer to the airport. 


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