"Golden Ring of Altay", 9 days/8 nights, 860 euro

Tour item: AR0001

Tour type: Bus tour

Tour duration: 9 days/8 nights

Number of people: From 4-8 people in a group

Tour landmarks: Barnaul – Biysk – OEZ “Turquoise Katun” – Chemal village - Teletskoye Lake – Altaiskoje village – Kaimskoye farmstead - Belokurikha resort - Barnaul

Dates: May-September, 2013 (any date)

Price: 790 euro / 1061 dollars / 33700 rubles

Price includes:

•    transfer from Barnaul and back during the whole tour on the comfortable bus
•    accommodation in DBL/TWN rooms, hotel 2-3* with full board
•    excursions according to the program
•    insurance
•    the guide’s and interpreter’s services
•    boat rental on Teletskoye lake  
•    folk entertainment program

Extra expences:

•    entrance tickets to museums
•    strong beverages
•    souvenirs
•    personal expenses
•    Russian baths
•    additional excursions
•    tips

The “Golden Ring of Altay” tour is a new tourist route, which includes areas that are unique and considered the most popular and accessible for tourists. In the list there are Altaian capital Barnaul, Biysk – the Gates to Altay, the health resort Belokurikha, Lake Aya, Turquoise Katun, tourist “Mecca” Chemal and the pearl of the Altay Mountains Teletskoye lake. The union of these areas creates a truly golden ring of Altay.
The route was developed by analogy with the "Golden Ring of Russia." Within the 9 days, you can get acquainted with the beauty and diversity of Altaian nature, its historical and cultural heritage and wonderful people. The route is a kaleidoscope of impressions, new experiences and emotions. It would perfectly fit for people of any age including kids as it considers quite short transfer distances and comfortable accommodation in private rooms of 2*-3* hotels.

Tour itinerary

Day 1. Barnaul city
Meeting in Barnaul, accommodation in the hotel, breakfast, rest, lunch; sightseeing tour around Barnaul including Master’s Town – a place of creative folk crafts and different hand-made things in ceramics, wood-drawing, woodcarving and things from birch bark (master-class 500 ₱/per person  – optional).  Dinner in the restaurant “Polzunov”.

Day 2. Altaian foothills. Biysk. Gorno-Altaysk, Aya lake (260 km by bus)
Breakfast. Transfer to Biysk – the town which was built in 18th century by the order of Czar Peter I. Now the town is full of scientific establishments and is a main gate to the Altay Mountains. Visit of historical and cultural monument – Pontifical yard, walking tour “Biysk merchants”, monument to the Peter I. Lunch. Move to Gorno-Altaisk – the capital of Altay Republic. Visit the National museum of Altay Republic named by A.V. Anokhin. Museum has a big ethnographic collection of Altai indigenous people and also the unique artifact – Princess Ukok mummy.  Move to the lake Aya that attracts tourists with it warm water. Also there is a small island in the middle of the lake that is the favorite place of romantic people. Accommodation. Dinner.

Day 3. OEZ “Turquoise Katun”. Tavdinskie caves. Kamyshlinsky waterfall (20 km by bus, 5 km on foot)
Breakfast, walking to the lake Aya, excursion to the special economic zone of Altai Krai “Turquoise Katun”:  visiting Tavdinskie caves, archeological park “Worlds crossing” and the monument to Nikolas Roerich – a Russian painter, philosopher and mystic. Lunch-box snacks. Excursion to the Kamyshlinsky waterfall, which consists of two cascades of total height 12 m. Dinner.

Day 4. Chemal village. Patmos Island. Chechkysh gorge (70 km by bus)
Breakfast. Excursion to the Patmos Island – one of the most beautiful places in Altay Mountains. Visit of the traditional house of Altay people (ail). You will see life, traditions and economic side of indigenous people and also try their usual drink – Chegen’. There is a chance to communicate with a real Altaian Zaisan. Visit museum of Chemal (entrance ticket – 180 ₱/per person) and souvenir shop. Excursion to the Russian doll museum “Ten Hands” in Cheposh with expositions “Gorniza” (Traditional Russian house), “Russian stove structure”, “Yard of Baba Jaga” (entrance ticket - 350 ₱/per person , master-class in making Russian doll – ₱/per person – optional). Lunch. Visit Chechkysh – a rocky canyon in the valley of the river Katun located in the Mountain Spirits donga where you can see a wonderful panorama of the Katun river. Dinner with the Altaian traditional show.

Day 5. The Teletskoye lake (170 km by bus)
Breakfast. Transfer to Teletskoye lake – the biggest lake of Altay and one of the biggest lakes in Russia. The maximal depth of the lake is 330 meters. The original name of the lake Altyn-Kel appeared from Altaian tribes and is translated as “Golden lake”. A lot of rivers and streams flow into the lake and only one river Biya flows out of it. Accommodation.  Lunch. Rafting on the river Biya or hike tour to the mountain Telan-Tuu. A very beautiful view to the eastern part of the lake opens from this mountain. Dinner.

Day 6. Boat tour around the lake. Korbu waterfall (10 km by boat)
Breakfast. Boat tour along the lake, visit waterfall Korbu, which is located on the river Korbu at the foot of the Korbu range. Waterfall is 12,5 m high. The viewing point which is situated near the waterfall will help you enjoy the landscape. Waterfall is situated on the territory of the Altay Nature Reserve and the only way to reach it is by boat. Visit the Stone bay which appearance has two options. The first – the big crater of several meters depth - appeared after the meteor falling. The second – the bay appeared after the big rocky mountain fell down to the lake and made a big crater. Lunch-box snacks. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 7. Altaiskoje village. “Blooming valley” (220 km by bus)
Breakfast. Transfer to Altaiskoje village, excursion to the tree nursery “Blooming valley” and making acquaintance with exotic plants, deciduous and coniferous bushes and master-class from Biolit company (cosmetic, pharm production). Lunch. Move to the Kaimskoye red deer farmstead where you will have quiet rest and get acquainted with red deer farming. Accommodation.  Phytosauna with local herbal tea. Dinner.

Day 8. Belokurikha resort. Barnaul (290 km by bus)
Breakfast. Transfer Belokurikha resort. It is famous for healing air and special water reach in Radon. City tour around Belokurikha including trip to the top of the mountain Tserkovka using a chair lift, where you will see a beautiful panorama of the town and its countryside (300 ₱/per person). Lunch. Move to Barnaul. Dinner. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 9. Barnaul  (30 km by car)
Morning flight from Barnaul.


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