"Horseback trekking to Aigulak range & Soktu-Taiga valley", 12 days/11 nights, 740 euro

Tour item: BG/HBR0003

Tour type: horsebak trekking

Tour duration: 12 days/11 nights

Number of people: from 6 people in a group

Dates: 20.06 – 01.07.2013; 27.06 - 08.07.2013; 04.07 - 15.07.2013; 11.07 - 22.07.2013; 18.07 - 29.07.2013; 01.08 - 12.08.2013; 08.08 - 19.08.2013

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Tour price: 611 euro / 828 dollars / 29500 rubles

Price included:

  • Transfer on a comfotable bus VOLVO
  • Meals according to the program (3 times a day on a horseback route)
  • Lucnh-boxes with water on the way
  • Guide-translator services
  • Camping gear rental (TRPL-tents, a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, a backpack)
  • Horses rental

Extra expenses:

  • Medical insurance - 1270 RUB/33 euro
  • More comfortable accommodation at a cottage at Ak-Bom camping (600 RUB/16 euro/per person/per night)
  • DBL-accommodation in tents (1000 RUB/26 euro)
  • Bath services (~ 300 RUB/8 euro/per person)
  • Meals at the bus stops
  • Souvenirs, personal expences

Tour description

Aygulak range (from Altai 'small ear', 'lunar ear') in its beauty is as good as the famous gorges of the North-Chu ridge. Route ta along the old road of the Chu tract, an ancient caravan trail blazed around the rocks, terminating to the raging river. During the tour the route will take tourists through the high bare mountains "Soktu-Taiga" (translated from the Altaian 'Goltzes of death'), along the untouched by civilization and rich with animals Aigulak range, along the taiga trails, steep rocks and swift mountain streams.

According to legend, this was where horse-drawn caravan with goods, bypassing the steep cliffs of Chuya river was in a terrible storm with an unprecedented barrage. All members of the caravan died. Only one drover survived, who cut the belly of a camel and got inside.

Tour program

1 day (22:00). Bus trip from the city of Novosibirsk along Chuiski trakt till the tourist parking "White Bom" (741 km), named after a multimeter white rock which tore off the river Chuya. Night in the bus.

Day 2. Arrival in the tourist camping "White Bom." Arriving at the camping approximately at 11.00 - 13.00. Preparing for the tour,  distribution of cargo. Opportunity to have lunch in the cafe (extra charge). Accommodation is in tents by the river Chuya. (Accommodation at dummer houses* is by prior arrangement). Visiting bath *. Rest. Dinner.

3 day. Breakfast. Horse trekking from the camping White Bom to Sohchaylu small valley (log). The road is a taiga canyon, ascending to the pass, with both sides covered with taiga. (Drop altitude - 400 m). Accommodation in tents in the cedar forest (day route - 5 hours, 15 km). Dinner. Rest in the tents.

4 day. Horse trekking "log Sohchaylu - valley Soktu-Taiga". The road runs above the zone of alpine meadows at alpine tundra. To the left there are the views of the North-Chu ridge on the right - the Aygulaksky Range (watershed of Aygulak - Chuya rivers) with a "Goltsy of Death '(mountains with no vegetation). Ascent to the Saramaysky Pass (drop altitude - 500 m). From the pass, there opens view of the North-Chu and Aygulaksky ridges, and in the side - on the Katun Ridge. The gentle descent from the pass. Overnight in tents in the cedar forest. (day route - 15-20 km).

Day 5. Rest day. Radial light horseback trek to the stone Ail of "Khan Batu" (rock buttes in the form of ail). Returning to the valley Soktu-Taiga. Night in tents.

Day 6. Horse trek "valley Soktu-Taiga - log Cholintash". Ascent to the barrens and the descent on the other side of the ridge to the log Cholintash along the former caravan trail. Camping in the cedar forest with streams. Night in tents. (daily route - 15-20 km).

Day 7. Returning back to Saramaysky pass through the log Cholintash - log Yarbalyk. Output in the alpine tundra zone. Night in tents. (daily route - 15-20 km).

Day 8. Horse trek "Yarbalyk log - log Terenozok". The trail descends along the valley of the river Chuya. Overnight in tents. (daily route - 15-20 km).

Day 9. Horse trek "log Terenozok - River Aygulak - camping "White Bom". The path lies down the river past the gorge. Arriving at the camping. Dinner, bath (optional). Opportunity to stay in two-story summer houses standing on the river bank of Chuya or in the altaian ail *. The café can order dinner from the altaian sheep*.

Day 10. Brunch. Rest. For those wishing to climb to the top of the panoramic White Bohm rock, a visit to White Bom cave - a karst cave in the rock of the White Bom. According to legend, during the Civil War the Whites hid their weapons and gold in this cave. The cave is 300-400 m long. Return to the camp. Dinner. Night in tents. The accommodation in the tents.

Day 11. Breakfast. 12:00 - departure to Novosibirsk. Night in the bus. The length of the route - 741 km.

Day 12. Arrival in Novosibirsk at 06:00.


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