“Cradle of the world. Plateau Ukok", 16 days/15 nights, from 1420 euro

Tour item: PL0002

Tour type: horseback trekking

Tour duration: 16 days/15 ngihts

Number of people: 6-10 people in a group

Dates: July, 06 – July, 31, 2013; July, 27 – August, 11, 2013

If you do not find your dates, please, send us an inquiry - we have a lot to offer!

Tour price: 1184 euro / 1604 dollars / 55300 rubles

Price included:

•    transfer from and to the airport
•    all transfers on a comfortable off-road minibus
•    Meals daily according to the program
•    Accommodation according to the program
•    the guide’s and interpreter’s services
•    program excursions and museum tickets
•    equipment rental
•    rental of saddle and pack horses
•    all permits and licenses
•    Rossgosstrakh insurance (900 000  ₱ coverage)
•    Accommodation at the Barnaul hotel


When booking and 100% paying for the tour for any fix date until May, 31st a tourist get a 10%-discount from the standard price of the tour.
Offer validity: May, 31, 2013

Extra expenses:

•    meals in Barnaul on Day 1st(lunch and dinner)
•    meals on the way to and from Altay (lunch on Day 2nd, lunch of Day 15th )
•    Dinner on Day 15th in Barnaul
•    The cook’s services
•    Russian bath extra visit (Days 3rd and 13th)


Tour description

The destination point of this tour is Plateau Ukok – a mysterious region of Altay, covered with legends. Hundreds archaeological sites of different types and cultures were opened on Ukok including burial, religious, settler systems, carvings, stone geometric calculations, deer stones and Ancient statues. The most interesting discoveries are the mounds of Pazyryk culture. They remain unique items of decorative arts - crafts from wood, felt, fabric and leather aged 25 000 years old.
The Plateau is included into UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites due to its unique archeological discoveries. In 1993, on Plato Ukok, the burial of a noblewoman, named Princess Ukok, was found, belonging to the period of Scythian culture. Thanks to her discovery, scientists were able to piece together many features of material and spiritual culture of the people who inhabited the Altay Mountains in ancient times.

Tour program

Day 1. Barnaul
Arrive in Barnaul. Accommodation at "Barnaul" hotel, twin rooms. Breakfast at the coffee shop, rest. Meeting with the guides in the hotel’s lobby. Transfer to a restaurant, dinner *. City tour around Barnaul. Visiting Altaian State Museum. Dinner at the restaurant *.

Day 2. Chuysky Trakt. Seminsky and Chike-Taman passovers (610 km by minibus)
8.00 transfer by minibus along the ancient trade route – Chuysky Trakt. Registration formalities at the hotel "Manzherok" (2-3 hours). Continuing on through the pass Seminsky (1717 m) and the beautiful, serpentine-type Chike-Taman (1295 m) until Chibit settlement. On the way - visit the rock painting complex Kalbak-Tash. Arrival at the ECO Tourist Complex "Nomad" about 21 00, accommodation in 4-bed Mongolian yurts and houses. Dinner at the cafe. Russian bath.

Day 3. Chuysky Trakt. Dzhazator village (290 km by minibus)
Breakfast in the cafe. Departure for Chuysky Trakt towards the Mongolian border. Lunch in the cafe. Village called Dzhazator. In good weather, in Dzhazator you can see the sparkling sharp black-and-white faces of the triangular peak Iiktu - the main summit of the South-Chu ridge (3936 m). On the opposite side of the mountain ridge wrapped in myths and legends, mysterious and amazing plateau Ukok is hidden. Camping at the guest house. Dinner. Russian bath* (optional).

Day 4. Headwaters of the Sudobay river (17 km by horse)
Meeting with local guides and "acquaintance" with the horses. Horseback trek through the picturesque valley Dzhazator. At the exit of the village - crossing the river Dzhazator through the bridge and move along the path to the mouth of the river Sudobay. Then rise to the steep trail to the right bank of the Sudobay river to its headwaters. Overnight in tents at the edge of the forest.

Day 5. Akkol river. Kara-Bulak ridge. Ak-Alakha river (26 km by horse)
Horseback trek from Sudobay river to Akkol river. Along the Sudobay river the we start lifting on Kara-Bulak passover (2800 m). In fine weather, from the passover one can see the South-Chuysky Katun mountain ridges, gorges, Argut and Kara-Alakha rivers and the peaks of Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola ridge (4374 m). Descend to the river valley to its confluence with the Ak-Alakha river. Overnight at the bank of Akkol river that flows into the Ak-Alakha.

Day 6. Kaldginkul’ lake. Bertek petroglyphs. Plateau Ukok (24 km by horse)
Horseback trek Akkol river - Kaldginkul’ lake.  Further descent from the passover to the Kyzyl-Tash site with the Bertek petroglyphs, which feature more than 120 images. Further trek to the excavations place, became famous after the publication of the unique artifact’s discovery - well-preserved mummy of a young woman who lived in these places around 2500 years ago, known as the Altay Princess. Horseback trek to the lake Kaldginkul’. Night at the shore of the lake.

Day 7. Muzdybulak lake (28 km by horse)
Crossing over the river Ak-Alakha to Muzdybulak river. In the valley of Muzdybulak there a Lake of the same name, which has a distinctive triangular shape, it is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes of Ukok. River Muzdybulak is not deep, but full of fish.

Day 8.  Fishing in Muzdybulak lake (1 km on foot)
Recreation day. Possibility of fishing. Walking to the lake Muzdybulak.

Day 9. Argamdzhi river (20 km by horse)
The transition to Argamdzhi river-1. Lovely view over the Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola mountain ridge.

Day 10. Kalguty river (20 km by horse)
The transition to the river Kalguty. It offers panoramic views of the plateau. Opportunities for fishing for grayling.

Day 11.  Karsulu and Bugymuiz passovers (28 km by horse)
Go through the mountain passovers Karsulu and Bugymuiz (2843 m) till the "arrow" of Ildegem river.

Day 12. Sudobay river (22 km by horse)
The transition to the "arrow" of Sudobay river. Overnight in the taiga.

Day 13.  Return to Dzhazator village (17 km by horse)
Completion of the horse part of the tour. With every kilometer mountainous landscape with its vegetation give way to coniferous forests, meadows and pastures. Arrival at the village Dzhazator. Camping at the guest house. Russian bath *.

Day 14. Dzhazator – Chibit (290 km by minibus)
Two-day drive to Barnaul. Dzhazator - Chibit. Accommodation in 4-bed Mongolian yurts and houses for ECO Tourist complex "Nomad". Dinner at the cafe. Russian bath.

Day 15. Chibit – Barnaul (290 km by minibus)
Transfer “Chibit – Barnaul”. On the way stop for the water "Arjan-Suu." The water in the spring is full of silver, copper and other mineral impurities, in connection with what is stored for a long time and, more importantly, has beneficial effects on the improvement of metabolic processes in the body. Close to the source is a large market with souvenirs, where you can get maps, books, art, products of cedar. Arrive in Barnaul about 19.00. Hotel accommodation.

Day 16. Barnaul airport (25 km by car)
Transfer to the airport.


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