"Emeralds of Katun ridge. Kucherlinskoe lake", 11 days/10 nights, from 480 euro

Tour item: BG/TR0004

Tour type: Trekking tour

Tour duration: 11 days/10 nights

Number of people: from 6 people in a group

Tour landmarks: Novosibirsk – Biysk - Chuya trakt - Ust-Sema - Ust-Kan - Tungur - Katanda - Kucherla river - Kucherla lake - Koni-Airy waterfall – Elan' – Tungur – Novosibirsk

Dates: 04.07 - 14.07.2013; 11.07 - 21.07.2013; 18.07 - 28.07.2013; 25.07 - 04.08.2013; 01.08 - 11.08.2013; 08.08 - 18.08.2013; 15.08-25.08.2013

If you do not find your dates, please, send us an inquiry - we have a lot to offer!

Tour price: 451 euro / 592 dollars / 19050 rubles

Price included:

  • Transfer in a comfortable bus VOLVO according to the program
  • Meals 3 times a day on the trekking part of the route
  • Lunch-boxes in the bus
  • Guide-translator services
  • Camping gear rental (TRPL-tents, sleeping bag, mat polypropylene)

Extra expenses:

  • Insurance against tick's bite and accidents (1180 ₱/30 euro)
  • Meals in cafes on the way to Katanda and back
  • Souvenirs
  • Russian bathes in Katanda tourist complex
  • DBL-tent accommodation (1000 ₱/25 euro)
  • Accommdoation at cottages in Katanda tourist complex (from 500 ₱/13 euro - bed) on Day 2 (optional)
  • Horses rental (optional): 1 Day rental - 2730 RUB/70 euro (1 horse + meals and fee of a horse-guide) 
  • Visa support (optional) - 2800 RUB/70 euro
  • Border entry permission - 500 RUB/13 euro

Tour program

1 day (22:00). Departure from Novosibirsk to Katanda in a comfortable bus brand VOLVO. On the way, stop for dinner, breakfast and lunch* (food in the cafe - for fee). Night in the bus. Mileage - 840 km, 14-16 hours (depending on the passage of the check-point in Ust-Kan).
Day 2. Arriving in Katanda tourist complex at approximately 14.00 - 16.00. Accommodation in tents on the territory, relax, dinner at the cafe, sauna*. Possibility of accommodation in comfortable cottages*. Night in tents.

Day 3: Breakfast at the cafe. Moving on off-road transport until the end of the road to the tract Elan (GAZ-66 or UAZ cars). For tourists on horse escort, meeting with the horses and the horse-guide. Distribution of the baggage among tourists and horses. Cooking dinner. Visit the ritual space on the tract Elan. Lunch. Start trekking.
Trekking along a good trail with a small climb to the river Tekelu 'mountain goats' (day route - 15-17 km). The path goes along the picturesque valley of the river Kucherla. Drop altitude - 400 m. Night in tents near Tekelu river (a tributary of the river Kucherla). Dinner. Rest.

Day 4: Breakfast. Trekking along the trail towards Kucherla lake. Arriving at the lake.

Kucherla lake (1750 meters above sea level, the translation from the Altai 'kudyurlu', which means 'solonchak') - a lake formed as a result of falling debris flows in mountain or valley. The lake has an unusual deep turquoise-blue color of the water, which often is called the "Emerald Lake of Altai". Completes the valley Kucherla Lake the peak Kucherla covering the valley. Right on the river empties into the river Tegeek with a cascade of crystal-clear mountain waterfalls.
In the morning and in the evening, when the sun does not directly illuminate the lake, on the surface you can see the mirror image of a blue sky or sunset... Mountain slopes are covered with larch and cedar trees. Subalpine and alpine meadows that are in the vicinity of lakes Kucherla, are often visited by the Siberian ibex. Also, here comes the snow leopard (ibis). The lake and the river are inhabited by grayling. In 1997,
rainbow trout was run out into Kucherla lake.
On the territory of the lake is the tourist center "Kucherla lake", where you can rent a boat or a motor boat and take a tour on the water surface of the lake. The lake is full of small grayling, so when planning a trip to the lake, do not forget to bring a fishing rod - you will have all the chances to catch good fish here!

Partial passing along the lake to the creek West. Setting up a camp for 2 days (day route - 12 km), drop altitude - 300 m.

Day 5: Breakfast. Radial hike to West Glacier, located under the peak of Nicholas Roerich. Drop alitude - 800 meters rising to the top on a good clear day, visitors will see the peak of Roerich & peak of Urusvaty (Indian Roerich's wife's name), the peak Faceted, Tegeek and Darashkol waterfalls.

Day 6: Breakfast. Packing. The transition to the camping site by the confluence of Meshtu-Airy and Coney-Airy rivers ("Airy" is translated from the Altai 'bayou', 'watershed', 'small stream'). Camping is located at the confluence of pine and cedar forests, where the rivers flow into the river Kucherla. (Day route - 10 km). Cooking dinner at the fire. Setting up a camp for 2 days.

Day 7. Breakfast. Radial visit of the glacier Meshtu-Airy, flowing down the slopes of the Western Belukha - the highest mountain in the whole of Siberia (4506). From the top of a glacier in good weather, stunning views of the Peak Crown Katun, a powerful vector peak Icefall, and part of the West Beluga whales are opened. (Day route - 18 km). Drop altitude - 800 m.

Day 8: Radial hike along the river to Koni-Airy waterfall. (Day route - 16-18 km). Drop altitude - 500 m. Back to camp.

Waterfall on the River Coni-Airy - rugged and very beautiful - is one of the main attractions of the surrounding areas. It is popular with tourists - here is easy to get on the trail of Kucherla lake. The banks of the River Koni-Airy form a close Gorge, in the depths of which roars muddy stream of water. You can admire the valley and below, but the most spectacular view open from the top.

Day 9: Breakfast. Returning back to civilization. The descent to the tract Elan. (Day route - 25 km). Drop altitude - 700 m.

Day 10: Transfer by car from the tract terrain Elan to Tungur. Lunch. Rest. Boarding the bus. Departure to Novosibirsk at 14:00 (route - 840 km).

Day 11. Arrival in Novosibirsk at approximately 06:00 a.m.


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