"To Roerich's Shambala - Belukha Mount", 12 days/11 nights, 699 euro

Tour item: PL0003

Tour type: Trekking

Tour duration: 12 days/11 nights

Number of people: from 6 people in a group

Dates: June, 20 – July, 01, 2013; June, 30 – July, 11, 2013; July, 10 – July, 21, 2013; July, 20 – July, 31, 2013; July, 30 – August, 10, 2013; August, 09 - August, 20, 2013; August, 19 - August, 30, 2013; September, 03 – September, 14, 2013

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Tour price: 655 euro / 860 dollars / 27680 rubles

Price included:

•    transfer from the airport
•    all transfers on a comfortable off-road minibus
•    meals daily according to the program
•    accommodation according to the program
•    the English-speaking guide’s services
•    all permits and licenses
•    Rossgosstrakh insurance (450 000  ₱ coverage)


When booking and fully paying for theis tour till May, 31 you get a 25%-discount for the tour.
Offer validity: May, 31, 2013

Extra expenses:

•    Meals on the way to and from Altay (in the minivan)
•    The cook’s services
•    Russian bathes
•    Pack-horses support
•    Alcohol beverages
•    Accommodation of higher standard in houses
•   Seeing off to the airport
•   Accommodation at the Barnaul hotel


Tour description

The most popular trekking tour to Altay is unique by its nature as it reveals the  most sacred, interesting and authentic parts of Altay;  The route takes place in the Ust-Koksa region with the destination point Belukha Mount – the highest in the whole Siberia.  Other landmarks you are going to see in this route:  Ak-Kem Lake, Kucherla Valley, Belukha mount, Karatyurek pass (3060), Upper Uymon village and Roerich’s museum.
According to eminent philosopher and artist of the 20th century, Nicholas Roerich, in the Altay Mountains you'll find the gateway to the country of Shambhala, which will be the center of civilization after mankind with his irrepressible desire to destroy, destroys itself. The legend refers to Mount Belukha, one of the main centers of global power, having the unique gift to revive and purify man's soul and cause elation. The mountain is considered a living creature. That is why famous travelers tend to make their way to Altay, along with religious leaders of Tibet, Mongolia and China. Local residents consider the mountain sacred, and do not approach it as closely as tourists and climbers do.

Tour program

Day 1. Barnaul – Tungur (750 km by car)
A brief discussion of the route. You can leave unnecessary baggage to the luggage’s room. Departure at 8:00. Transfer to Tungur (750 km). Time duration - about 12-14 hours. Arrival at the camp "Vysotnik." Camping on a platform with a canopy, fireplaces and firewood.

Day 2. Tungur – Kuzuyak passover (19 km on foot)

Distribute food and other things for backpacks. On this day we will overcome a simple Kuzuyak passover (1513 m above sea level) and reach the camp site "Three birches".

Day 3. Tekelu waterfall (17 km on foot)
Day trek till the natural monument - Tekelu waterfall.  Night in the parking lot "Stone."

Day 4. Ak-Kem lake (15 km on foot)
Trek to base camp on the bank of the Ak-Kem lake located at the foot of Belukha mount (2150 m). Russian bath.

Day 5. Ak-Kayuk mountain. Valley of the Seven Lakes (8 km on foot)
Exit to the mountain Ak-Kayuk (3670 m), which rises above the "Valley of the Seven Lakes." Alpine lakes, glacier mountain Ak-Kayuk come down to one of the lakes, snow-capped peaks surrounding the valley, highlighted the severe charm of this place. Russian bath (optional).*

Day 6. Rodzevich glacier (10 km on foot)
Exit to the Rodzevich glacier. The trail leads through the picturesque moraine. Snack at the edge of one of the largest glaciers of Altay. Hence Belukha’s snow and ice wall is even grander. Russian bath (optional).*

Day 7. Yarlu Valley (10 km on foot)
Today you will walk to the Yarlu valley, the second name is "Edelweiss Valley." Here you can see Edelweiss flower included into the Red Book, surprising in its simplicity and stability to the harsh mountain climate and smelling with honey. Riot of mountain rock colors, forming a valley, "the shaman hut", "City of the Sun" from "growing stone", a place of worship of Nikolas Roerich’s followers make you believe in the power of this unique place. Russian bath (optional).*

Day 8. Karatyurek passover (10 km on foot)
Go through Karatyurek (‘Black Heart’) passover (3060 m) to the parking lot "Cedar". Magnificent views of the Belukha from the pass will delight even the experienced traveler.

Day 9. Kucherla valley (15 km on foot)
Trek to the mouth of Tekelushka river and Kucherla picturesque valley.

Day 10. Petroglyphs site (15 km on foot)
Trek to the parking lot with the petroglyphs, where you will see the rock paintings of ancient hunters, dated for thousands of years.

Day 11.  Return to the campsite “Vysotnik” (15 km on foot)

End of trekking part of the tour - Camping "Vysotnik." Farewell dinner. Russian bath.

Day 12. “Vysotnik” - Barnaul (750 km by car)
Early departure. On the way back to Barnaul – visit the Upper Uymon village and Roerich museum. Arrive in Barnaul about 21.00. Hotel accommodation (optional). End of the route.


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