"Trekking in Chuya Alps: Shavla lakes and Maashei gorge", 13 days/12 nights, from 880 euro

Tour item: PL/TR0004

Tour type: Trekking tour

Tour duration: 13 days/12 nights

Number of people: from 6 people in a group

Tour landmarks: Barnaul - Seminsly pass - Chike-Taman pass - Chuya river - Oroy river - Eshtyk-Kel plateau - Maashei river - Kara-Kabak river - Kara-Kabak lakes - Big Maashei glacier - Lower Shavla pass - Shavla lake - Upper Shavla lakes - Shavla river - Shabaga river

Dates: 06.07 - 18.07.2013; 20.07 - 01.08.2013; 03.08 - 15.08.2013

If you do not find your dates, please, send us an inquiry - we have a lot to offer!

Tour price: 807 euro / 1060 dollars / 34150 rubles

Price included:

•    transfer from and to the airport
•    all transfers on a comfortable off-road minibus
•    meals daily according to the program
•    accommodation according to the program
•    Services of the English-speaking guide
•    Equipment rental
•    Rossgosstrakh insurance (450 000  ₱ coverage)
•    Excursions according to the program
•    Fee-admissions to the bridges


When booking the tour from 5 people for any fix date the 6th traveller gets 30%-discount from the price.
Offer validity: May, 31, 2013

Extra expenses:

•    meals in the road
•    extra Russian bathes (optional)
•    personal expences
•    alcohol beverages

6 foreign tourists - 34 150 ₱/ 880 €/per person
4  foreign tourists - 37 200 ₱ /955 €/per person
2  foreign tourists – 46 470 ₱/ 1195 €/per person
1  foreign tourist  – 66 280 ₱/ 1700 €/per person

Tour description

The active part of the tour takes place in one of the most beautiful places in this mountainous country - North Chuya ridge separating the valley of the two major tributaries of the Katun river Chuya and Argut, not without reason called Chui Alps. It is a powerful mountain range that has a distinct alpine terrain and powerful modern glaciation. Gorges Maashey and Shavla with their magnificent lakes, framed cedar taiga and white coat peaks reflected in their waters will surely impress you with its grandeur and pristine beauty. During 2 weeks you will pass mountain trails and passes, walk on glaciers, and easy ascend to the snowy peaks.

Tour program

Day 1. Car - 610 km.

Morning meeting of the tourists (7.00 - at the airport, near the arrival hall, 8.00 - on / Railway station, under the information board). 8.00 - meeting at the office. Unnecessary luggage can be left for safekeeping. Transfer along the Chuysky Highway, moving on through passes Seminsky and Chike-Taman to the eco-complex "Nomad". We spend the night in the four local Mongolian yurts or Russian cottages. Russian bath.

Day 2. Trekking 16 km.

Breakfast. Beginning of the active part of the tour. Trekking to the Mazhoi cascade on the Chuya river, then pass along the chain Oroktoy bridge to the left bank of Chuya river and then to the upper reaches of the river Ora. Accommodation surrounded by larch forest in tents.

Day 3. Trekking 14 km.

Trekking to the high plateau Eshtyk-Kol to the valley and the Maashei river. Camping at a picturesque location at the confluence of the Kara-Kabak and Maashei rivers.

Day 4. Trekking 8 km.

A return trekking to the chain of Kara-Kabak lakes. The trail leads by a waterfall along the picturesque valley with a variety of herbs and flowers. Return to camp. Rest. Dinner.

Day 5. Trekking 12 km.

Trekking to the former Maashei lake, where in all its splendor appears the second peak of Altai - Maashey Bash (4197 m above sea level). Splitting a camp on the border of pine forest.

Day 6. Trekking 8 km.

Trekking till the Maashei glacier to the foot of the Lower Shavla pass. In front of youe eyes there opens a beautiful view of surrounding snowy peaks. Food is cooked on gas.

Day 7. Trekking 10 km.

Trekking to the gorge through the pass Lower Shavla. The pass height is 3300 m (complexity category 1B). In the approach to the gorge, in full gaze appears turquoise expanse of the Great Lakes Shavla. Camp on the shore. Possible to attend evening bath (extra charge).

Day 8. Trekking 8 km.

Return hiking to Upper Shavla lake. The route leads through a twon of stones - a place of power, then through the "Sumy (noise)", the place where the river falls in cascade over the rocks from one lake to another and creates a characteristic noise. Trekking to the foot of the glacier, which offers a wonderful view of lakes and snow-capped peaks of Dream, Fairy tale and Beauty mounts. Return to base camp. Dinner. Possible to visit bath (extra charge).

Day 9. Trekking 17 km.

Trekking along Shavla river till the river Shabaga. Spending the night in the pine forest.

Day 10. Trekking 14 km.

Go through the plateau Eshtyk Kel-up to the creek Oroy. Camping at the "Alone Cedar", which will give you a great opportunity to take a picture of the sun at sunset and sunrise over the tops of the Kurai range.

Day 11. Trekking 16 km.

The descent from the pass Oroy (16 km), trekking to the eco-tourist complex "Nomad". Accommodation in yurts / cottages. Farewell dinner. Russian bath.

Day 12. Car 610 km.

Arrive in Barnaul around 19.00-20.00. On the way back a stop at the spring "Arjan Suu." The water in the spring is full of silver, copper and other mineral impurities, in connection with what is stored for a long time and, more importantly, has beneficial effects on the improvement of metabolic processes in the body. Close to the source is a large market with souvenirs, where you can get maps, books, art, products of cedar. Arrive in Barnaul. Hotel accommodation.

Day 13. 20 km by car.

Transfer to the airport. 


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